Narrated Monologue (2023 – ongoing)

Narrated Monologue is a captivating project by Korbinian Vogt that explores the intricate connection between humans and nature. With a focus on capturing this connection in some of the most remote wilderness areas, Vogt has been working on this project for several years.

Narrated Monologue is Vogt’s personal revision of his long-term work on human nature, and through the lens of his camera, he offers a final view of this concept. Through his photographic works, he provides a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the relationship between humans and nature.

Narrated Monologue is not just a collection of photographs but also a journey that takes viewers through Vogt’s experiences and insights. It is a powerful reminder of the beauty and importance of the natural world and how humans are an integral part of it. As you view one of the images, Vogt’s work invites you to explore your own connection with nature and how it shapes your life.